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Adea PowerQuips

Built on Experience & Innovation

ADEA POWERQUIPS  is an organization with blend of three nations Knowledge, Skill and Will. It has a proficient leader which provide best of their service/ product to its customers.

We are highly experienced on this field with complete technical know-how both Domestic as well as internationally.

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ADEA ensures that the quality of our product conforms to the design and specified requirements of our clients. During production, routine tests and inspections are carried out on a strict sampling basis which complies with the Indian and international standards. The purpose of these tests is to eliminate defects by the most expedient means and allow the continuous integrity and control of our production processes.

Our Technical Collaborator Company has obtained a permit to produce power transmission line steel tower (750V) and a whole set of electric power fittings, as well as a quality certificate for power transmission line steel tower (500KV). By abiding by the ISO Quality Management System, and ad-hering to the quality policy of “Produce Quality Steel Tower, Cast Best Power Fittings, Build Hunan Brand, Seek Sustainable Development”, the company is constantly improving its products through innovative ways and take customer satisfaction as its eternal pursuit.

By relying on advanced automatic production equipments, the company now has more than 10 modern NC production lines for angle steel tower, 2 production lines for automatic assembly and welding of flange, more than 10 sets of advanced welding robots, automatic temperature control galvanizing furnace, 630t die-casting machine, 10000KN friction press, etc. Moreover, it has also acquired sophisticated equipment’s such as universal testing machine, horizontal tension machine, carbon and sulfur analyzer, x-ray detector, etc, which laid a solid foundation for supplying first class power transmission line equipment’s and materials in china.