Company Profile

ADEA POWERQUIPS PRIVATE LIMITED (ADEA) primarily specializes in the manufacture and supply of overhead transmission line hardware, fittings, conductor & Earthwire accessories, Opgw Hardware fittings, Aluminium casting, Glavanizing, bus bar clamps and connectors ranging from 11KV to 800KV, Our Managing director Mr Anup Jhunjhunwala is a PSC member of india’s first 1200kV lines and substations.

We have a very well equipped testing laboratory at our works to conduct all tests required on these items as per IS, BS, ANSI, IEC, SCECO and other international standards.

Based in India, ADEA has been established in collaboration with a renowned Chinese manufacturer “CEEC” Energy of China with over two decades of manufacturing experience in the industry details of the company provided in technology section based in China and Modern Malleable residing in India. ADEA has also utilized the skills of its partner in Australia group Adea Power Consulting Pty Ltd which had been established for strict quality assurance and management practices in line with our company objectives. Our team based in India, has over 45 years of experience in production, inspection, research and development and labour management within the industry. Our dedicated team at ADEA strives to manufacture the best quality products for our clients and customers around the world.


We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate professionals with the relevant experience to match.

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Projects Portfolio

ADEA Power & Collaborator has a project portfolio which consists of:

  • Angle Steel Tower, Steel Tower (Pole)
  • State Grid Beijing Electric Power & Co. 800KV
  • 1000KV AC Transmission Line Shanghai

  Customers across 35 countries
  Projects in India, China and Australia.